Industry - biofilter for odor-free environment

Odour emissions from manholes and various industrial waste gases are increasingly becoming a problem. To eliminate odor-causing and hazardous materials offers the biofilter effective and efficient solution. Odors can be prevented, but the passage of the exhaust air is ensured.

Biofilters are complex biocatalysts and bioreactors that operate on the basis of the metabolic activity of microorganisms.

The degradation of pollutants and odors from exhaust air and waste gas streams is not toxic, odorless and predominantly low molecular weight substances.

Biofilter change (separate filters in the strict sense), the separated substances by biochemical degradation.

The advantages and characteristics of the biofilter
Bullet robust design
List 2010 new improved water absorption capacity without Granulatquellung
2010 new larger grain bullets for best permeability
Bullet-proof removal of hydrogen sulfide and other odors and germs
Bullet significantly lower use of filter granules in comparison to conventional filter materials
List quick and easy assembly and disassembly without special tools
Bullet fast exchange of the filter granules (biomass)
List professional and environmentally sound disposal of the used biomass
Bullets lower acquisition costs per m3 per year to clean exhaust air (less than 1 cent)
Bullet mutual optimal inflow (exhaust and supply air), high reliability
Bullet High reliability at different flow rates and in dry periods
List low maintenance
Bullet fast and easy cleaning
List filter design made of plastic material (HDPE, PP etc.
Bullet fasteners made of stainless steel or galvanized steel
Bullets 6 year warranty on the filter design and 2 years on the filter granules
List the mean granular lifetime is to experience 4 to 5 years
List due to the structural design can be dispensed in a continuous air flow with short interruptions because of additional frost protection measures
Bullets little or no cost (depending on usage and application)

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Abbaukapazitäten für Biofilter




Kanalschachtbiofilter Typ II


bis ca.     7,00m³/h

Kanalschachtbiofilter Typ II S


bis ca.   10,00m³/h

Rohrbiofilter DN* 100/ FH* 250


bis ca.     0,75m³/h

Rohrbiofilter DN* 150/ FH*  250


bis ca.     1,75m³/h

Rohrbiofilter DN*  200/ FH* 250


bis ca.     3,10m³/h

Rohrbiofilter DN*  250/ FH*  500


bis ca.    10,00m³/h

Rohrbiofilter DN*  250/ FH*  900


bis ca.    17,50m³/h

Rohrbiofilter DN*  350/ FH*  500 BMS S


bis ca.    19,30m³/h

Rohrbiofilter DN*  350/ FH*  900 BMS S


bis ca.    34,50m³/h

Rohrbiofilter DN*  400/ FH*  900 BMS S


bis ca.    45,20m³/h

Rohrbiofilterpatrone DN*  150/ FH*  200


bis ca.      1,20m³/h

Biofiltermodulsystem BMS S


bis ca.   50,00m³/h

Biofiltermodulsystem BMS M


bis ca.   150,00m³/h

Biofiltermodulsystem BMS L


bis ca.   500,00m³/h

Biofiltermodulsystem BMS XL

6007 / 6008

bis ca.  1.500,00m³/h

DN* = Rohrnennweite               FH*  = Filterpackungshöhe


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